In the Shadows – #SOSS

In the few weeks since I’ve created this handle, there have been some amazing posts on the sexy side of Twitter, and a ridiculous number of writers shadowbanned. Thank you to those who came up with #SOSS – it’s a great way to cast light into the shadows.

Unfortunately, I’ve been really sick this week, so this list is shorter than I wanted. In no particular order, here are my favourite posts of the week.

Girly Juice’s On Taking Men’s Money A really excellent piece on the value of labour, from emotional to physical.

Epiphora’s Review of Clit Pumps, for trans and cis folk It’s not very often that I get to recommend a video to friends of all genders – this was a hilarious and insightful discussion about why people want to use a clit pump. While it is a toy that is decidedly not my jam, this was a great review.

Ella Dawson’s How I Became Famous On The Internet For Having Herpes and Why I’m Retiring As someone who first encountered Ella’s work through her TED talk, this piece about internet fame and the effect it has on mental health was something I needed to read.

To read more – hop onto Twitter and hit up the hashtag #soss!

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