The Arabian Nights – A Youth or a Ripe Man?

Surely you have heard of A Thousand and One Arabian Nights… but did you know that many of the tales are erotic in nature? Here is my second tale for you, an anecdote told by Abu al-Ainah.

The debate about whether it is better to have sex with young or old men is, as we can see from this tale, as old as people have been having sex. Whatever your preferences, this is sure to entertain members of both camps (and those who love both).

Which is the better, a youth or a ripe man?

The following anecdote is told by Abu al-Ainah, who says;

One evening I went up on to my terrace to take the air and heard a conversation between women on the adjoining terrace. Those who spoke were my neighbours’ two wives, each of whom had a lover to console her for the coldness of the impotent old man. One loved a fair youth, tender, rose, and smooth; and the other a ripe and hairy many with a very thick beard. Not dreaming that they could be overheard, the two women were discussing the respective merits of their lovers.

Said one of them: “Sister, how can you bear the roughness of your lover’s beard when you kiss him? Surely it must stick into your lips and cheeks? How can you prevent yourself being cruelly cut to pieces each time? Take my advice, change lovers and do as I do; find some boy whose cheeks are downy and desirable as a fruit, whose delicate flesh melts in the mouth under your kisses! As Allah lives, you will discover many savoury things about him to console you for the beard.”

The other answered: “My sister, you are a fool; you have neither intelligence nor taste. Do you not know that a tree is only beautiful when it has leaves, and a cucumber only savoury when it is coarse and pimpled on the outside. Is there anything more ugly in the world than a man beardless and bald as an artichoke? A beard and moustaches are to a man what long hair is to a woman. This is a fact so evident that Allah (glorify Him!) appointed an angel in Heaven with no other work than to praise the Creator for having given beards to men and long hair to women. And yet you think to tell me to choose a beardless boy for my lover! Do you think that I would ever stretch myself out for love below a youth who, hardly mounted, thinks of dismounting; hardly stretched, thinks of relaxing; who, hardly arrived, thinks of going away; who hardly stiffened, thinks of melting; who, hardly risen, thinks of falling; who hardly laced, thinks of unlacing; who, hardly stuck, thinks of unsticking; and who, as soon as he has fired, thinks of retiring? Undeceive yourself, poor sister! I will never leave a man who enlaces as soon as he sniffs, who stays when he is in, who fills himself when he is empty, who begins again when he has finished, whose moving is an excellence, whose jerking is a gift, who is generous when he gives and, when he pushes, pierces!”

Hearing such wisdom, the lover of the beardless boy exclaimed: “By the Master of the Holy Kaabah, my sister, you make me inclined to taste a bearded man!”

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